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    CemCote is a brush-on interior and exterior wall coating that creates a beautifully smooth finish with subtle colour variation. It is supplied in powder form requiring mixing with water on site to produce a smooth, flowing coating which sets rock hard.


    • For interior and exterior use
    • Brush on application
    • Waterproof
    • Subtle colour variation
    • Wears well over time

    CemPlaster is a 3-5mm coloured, waterproof, interior and exterior plaster-on wall coating. It creates an attractive mottled finish that adds some texture to the surface.


    • For interior and exterior use
    • Attractive mottled finish
    • Various applications
    • Subtly textured
    • Durable and weatherproof

    CemWash is a brush-on interior and exterior wall coating that creates a uniquely rough textured finish. It can be manipulated on the surface to create one-of-a-kind textures. It is supplied in powder form requiring mixing with water on site to produce a smooth, flowing coating which sets rock hard and is unaffected by water and UV light.


    • For interior and exterior use
    • Can be applied straight onto brickwork
    • UV resistant, waterproof and economical
    • Wears well over time

    Colourcem can be used to create coloured plaster that can be used for unlimited projects, providing rich textures. It is a milled blend of white or grey Portland cement and selected compatible pigments.


    • Add colour to any cement finish

    Coloured Scratch Plaster is ideal to achieve that rustic look. It is a blend of ColourCem, OPC and aggregate for the creation of an 18 to 20mm coloured plaster, perfect for outdoors, or bringing the organic look indoors.


    • Interior & exterior walls
    • Low maintenance
    • Economical
    • Can be applied straight onto flush-jointed brickwork

    CreteStain is a permanent concrete stain that can be applied in a variety of ways to create either solid colours or colour variations. It is an acid based mixture containing special chemicals which combine with the cement or concrete and colour the surface, creating a wash effect.


    • Update existing cement surfaces
    • Create a rustic look

    Truly one of our more crafty products, Decocrete is a coloured, cement-based material specifically formulated to be plastered to excessive thickness but does not slide or shrink and dries rock hard. Slow setting gives plenty of time to work and manipulate in-situ, giving ample opportunity to create whatever look or appeal the heart desired.


    • Abrasive resistance and coloured throughout
    • No need to repaint
    • UV and alkali proof
    • Creation of rock finishes

    Superior waterbased acrylic emulsion paint for interior and exterior use.

    SatinCrete is a 2mm skim-on wall finish. It cures to a smooth, suede-like finish making it perfect for bathrooms, baths, kitchens, and vanities. SatinCrete is used in interiors only and can be sealed to a matt, gloss, and waterproof finish.


    • Subtle colour variations
    • Ideal for bathroom & kitchen walls
    • Easy to clean due to its smooth finish
    • Versatile, can be applied to countertops / vanities

    A decorative, coloured, waterproof cement-based textured finish for exteriors or interiors on walls and ceilings. Integrally coloured to eliminate painting. Supplied in powder form for mixing on-site with clean water. Application by block- brush, soft carpet brush or broom.

    TPC is a tough, thermoplastic, waterproof coating with fine texture to provide a super durable colourful coating for walls. Contains Mica and Silica for maximum film protection against UV light and water abrasion. Supplied ready for use and applied by brush or lamb’s wool roller.

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