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    BaseCoat can be used as a “base coat” for levelling, patching and filling masonry, concrete and plaster before finishing. BaseCoat is a special mixture of adhesives, fillers and plasticisers for mixing with ordinary Portland cement to obtain a controlled mixture for repair of concrete and masonry, attaching and subsequent surfacing of polystyrene insulation boards prior to painting or finishing.

    A fibrous insulation plaster with good adhesive properties to create an insulating layer around boilers. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors and does not pose a health risk since it is asbestos free and contains no hazardous materials. The workability enables a smooth, weather-resistant finish which can be painted after the plaster has dried.

    CemBond contains a special thermoplastic resin with exceptional adhesive qualities. It has been proven over the past 36 years to be a reliable general-purpose adhesive for the building industry. It can be used as an adhesive, a bonder of friable surfaces, a prime coat of PVA and acrylic paints, as a cement additive to improve adhesion and mixed with cement as a crack filler. It is also invaluable for improving the adhesion of cement-based decorative coatings to difficult surfaces.

    A non-yellowing clear, thermoplastic acrylic lacquer-based resin which displays excellent UV and moisture resistance. Has very fast solvent release, i.e. drying properties. The sealer greatly enhances the colour and protects the surface from the ingress of dirt and grease. Available in Primer, Standard and Slip-Resistant.

    A clear ready-to-use liquid which, on being applied to the floor, is absorbed into the concrete pores and reacts with the calcium salts effectively making the concrete surface denser and considerably less porous. For improving the hardness and denseness of concrete and reducing its permeability. This cuts down dusting, improves resistance to staining from oils and other spillage’s and provides a harder wearing surface.

    A non-yellowing clear polymer emulsion. It provides a tough, durable, flexible, clear coating on vertical surfaces of concrete, cement plaster and masonry. Concrete Sealer combines aesthetic appeal with protective performance. The main properties are UV resistance, non-yellowing, resists becoming brittle, water-fast, alkali resistant, water vapour permeable and carbon dioxide tight. It has good binding properties on friable surfaces and is re-coatable.

    A non-ammoniated stripper/remover/cleaner of most Acrylic Polymer Floor Dressings on the market. Use Floor Polish Stripper for when the layers of polish become too thick or you would like your floors to look new again.


    Use only when you need to remove polish and re-seal your floor.

    Self-shining, wax-based, manual floor maintenance cleaner for all water resistant floor coverings such as natural and artificial stone, cement based, vinyl, PVC, linoleum, rubber, etc. and parquet floors.


    For routine all-over cleaning

    Cretecare Polish is an easy to apply high gloss, hardwearing, protective polish for concrete floors. Use every 6 months or so – 2 coats – protects sealer.


    This will increase the time between re-sealing
    Suitable for interior only

    A novel and innovative PU pre-polymer based, moisture solvent based interior, exterior satin sheen finish for uncoated slasto, floor tiles, cement screeds, concrete stone and masonry floor surfaces. Used to protect substrates from rain/sun and heavy duty wear and tear. Excellent adhesion to range of properly prepared slasto, tile and masonry/cement floor substrates and good chemical resistance against a range of domestic/light industrial chemicals.

    A novel and innovative PUD/Acrylic water based interior, exterior satin sheen finish for uncoated cement and decorative cement floor finishes; to protect substrates from rain/sun and wear and tear. Excellent adhesion to range of properly prepared slasto, tile and masonry/cement floor substrates. Also reduces the chance of efflorescence and water absorption. High lights the natural colour of tiles, screeds and slasto.

    EIFS BaseCoat

    EIFS Basecoat is a special mixture of various admixtures and Ordinary Portland Cement for repair of concrete and masonry, adhering and surfacing of EIFS insulation boards prior to applying Cemcrete’s decorative coatings.

    ElastoBond is a liquid polymer to be mixed with Cemcrete’s MatCrete powder to create a tough, flexible, UV resistant waterproofing membrane. Applied by brush, ElastoBond & MatCrete mixture possesses excellent flexibility, crack bridging properties and UV resistance which allows it to be left exposed and subjected to light foot traffic.

    A very tough waterproof filler based on special thermoplastic resins and fillers. Softens slightly with increases of temperature, thereby relaxing the tension in the crack.

    A non-toxic latex-based liquid admixture for Portland cement plasters; screeds or concrete. FlexBond replaces some or all of the water in cement mixes to improve bond, waterproofing, flexural, tensile and abrasive strengths, adhesion, thin film hardness, weak acid resistance, adhesion to asphalt and drying shrinkage. Can also be used to waterproof water-containing structures.

    A top quality tile adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles and mosaics, with controlled setting time, good water retention and excellent adhesion. It is supplied in paste form and is suitable for interior use only.

    A cement-based mixture having carefully controlled setting, hardening, adhesive and self-levelling qualities. Produces a 2.5mm smooth, ridge-free layer that does not crack and is unaffected by rising damp.


    • Base for applying floor finish
    • Dries in 24 hours

    Floorseal stripper is a liquid sealer stripper which is opaque in appearance and has a strong odour. Floorseal stripper is used to remove acrylic sealers like Colour Hardener Sealer from decorative and or plain concrete floors, driveways and pathways.

    A cellulose crack filler for interior use. Used for filling cracks, gaps around doors, window frames, light switches, knot holes, wood grain, nail holes etc. Adheres to cement plaster, gypsum plaster, asbestos cement and timber.

    Used for creating a thin, reinforced, waterproof cement lining to be applied directly onto hard compacted soil, the inner surface of old, cracked reservoirs etc. An enhanced fibre-cement blend to be mixed with a solution of Flexbond (a liquid additive), for the saturation and impregnation of CemForce and CemLam forming a reinforced, vapour-proof product of about 4 to 8 mm in thickness. For the cost-effective creation of any water-containing structure.

    Cemcrete offers a range of membranes to aid in reinforcing during the construction or waterproofing process, this includes CemForce, CemLam, Glass Fibre Mesh, Polyester Membrane and Polypropylene Membrane.

    A coloured masonry mortar mix comprising of white cement, graded sand and additives to give high bond strength, waterproof joints and high water retention for workability and plasticity. Good water retention gives improved bond and bleeding characteristics. Also has excellent water absorption qualities.

    A cement-based mixture containing chemicals which combine with the water in cement and migrate into the concrete or cement plaster thereby effectively waterproofing the structure against hydrostatic pressure. For slurry coatings and plugging holes. For solving most types of waterproofing problems in below-ground and water-containing structures.

    A specially designed cement-based plaster mixture for rapid thin application to brickwork and blockwork to fill the joints and other imperfections economically.

    A heavily fibre-reinforced flexible paste which, after being allowed to dry, remains flexible under water.

    PrimerCote is a specially designed textured substrate coating used in combination with Cemcrete FlexBond to bond new screeds to existing surfaces.

    A tough, thermoplastic, textured, weatherproof coating. Contains Mica and Silica for maximum film protection against UV light and weather abrasion. Supplied ready for use. Application by brush or roller. Being thermoplastic and specially formulated, this coating holds well over fine crazing to prevent water entering the structure.

    The RoofSeal Acrylic system embraces a primer/bonding coat, an impregnating RoofSeal coat, a very tough spun bonded polyester membrane, a second impregnating RoofSeal coat and, when all work is dry, a final RoofSeal coat. RoofSeal is easy to apply, extremely durable and UV light resistant. Being waterproof, but not vapour proof, it allows slightly damp concrete to dry out.

    A colourless, low viscosity, penetrating liquid for application to masonry or concrete surfaces. Based on silicones, it is supplied ready for application by brush, roller or spray. SiliconSeal greatly reduces the water absorption of concrete, clay bricks, natural stone, asbestos cement and plaster. SiliconSeal can also be used for the prevention of rising damp in brick walls.

    The combination of Squash Court Filler Coat, CemBond and Squash Court Paint is an exceptionally durable and hard wearng surface for the treatment of squash courts to take the continual pounding of the playing area.

    For creating a thin, reinforced, waterproof, fire resistant, cement lining to be applied directly onto the exterior of an old or new grass thatched roof.

    A grey cement-based top quality tile adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles and mosaics. It is supplied in powder form for mixing with clean water on site. White tile adhesive is available for porcelain tiles.

    A cement-based, waterproof tile grout for grouting between ceramic tiles after the adhesive has set. Plastic, cohesive and easy to apply. Hard in 24 hours. Supplied in powder form for mixing with water.

    Water repellent cement for use in place of ordinary Portland cement to overcome capillary absorption of moisture into cement mortar, cement plaster and concrete. Used for preventing loss of water from water-containing structures. For reducing moisture movement, crazing, efflorescence and moisture penetration. For reducing rising damp in brickwork when used in mortar.

    A high-speed grout for use underground in mines, bolt-holes or any area where quick setting and high early strength is of utmost importance. Winch Anchor Grout attains a treacle-like consistency when mixed and has self-levelling properties for easy placing.